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© peter j. fitzpatrick
Ship Type: Tanker

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© Henk Guddee
Ship Type:Tanker

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    Latest video
    Click to view video MSC Paris inbound Port of Hamburg - filmed via drone
    MSC Paris inbound Port of Hamburg - filmed via drone
    Made by:Tobias Langer
    Added: 19 minutes ago

    Latest photo comments
    Buy yourself a nice set of binoculars Husni
    If Carlo is giving us the correct date than the only option is IRAN ABAD She w...
    I always thought she started out life as a supply vessel, had a look at shadow m...
    Not sure march 15, but the date is certain from february 25 and march 15.
    The emblem on her bow's been painted out !!!
    A casualty but not quite dead........yet !!!
    Who says time travel's impossible !!!
    Perhaps STAR ADVENTURE (IMO 8680234) 109gt 27.0m built 2013 CV Sunjaya Abodi,...
    Looks like a slip in the date (2016? or earlier?): a) it was 10 days in the fut...
    Steam turbines are still being used to power LNG tankers
    Photo taken next Monday. Well caught!
    This was one of the last steam turbine-powered ships ever built. She was built ...
    Further to this there is a choice of six: ARYA NAZ, GAM TAJ, PAS, NUR and TAB ...
    The "Wendy Dua", 1932 ts (EU-No.: 02205627), enroute from Emden to Zwartsluis to...

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