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Click for a bigger photo of Fair Princess
© Tony Martin
Ship Name: Fair Princess
Ship Type: Passenger (Cruise) Ship

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Click for a bigger photo of Kuban
© David O'Rourke
Ship Name: Kuban
Ship Type:Cargo

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Click to view video Cochise and Sagittarian towing Morro Bay
Cochise and Sagittarian towing Morro Bay
Made by:Oldkayaker
Added: 4 hours ago

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That's very kind Bendt. I did go home for breakfast feeling quite pleased!
Thanks for the info Oldkayaker - have not been back to the Bay Area since then b...
Magogman, here is a good site for barge and tug information:
Vessel is 'Little Giant" but no details found, yet. Several photos here, click ...
Sagittarian is the correct spelling and here is more information for her: Call s...
Sistership IOSIF STALIN See the splendid site of the NDSM Werf Museum
@ Vokstar. Bunker prices went up & operating speeds went down. (Although there h...
I like this one with a clearer view in the background today after many foggy and...
Hi, Could it be one of the Liberty ships broken up in Malaga : THOMAS G. MASARY...
Thank you Simon:-)
Nice shot..!!
Built 1940 NV Nederlandsche Scheepsbouw-Mij, Amsterdam (Yd 276) Built for USS...
Hi Tino. Exactly. You are right. Thanks for the identification. Updated now. Tha...
Yes, Bendt, it was a splendid sunny day. I hadn't expected to get such nice phot...
Hi Rick, that's a bit of an engine you present here, a nice little series you ha...

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